SALADDIN Premium Easy Car Deodorizer - Lemon Mandarin 171ML(5.78 oz) (Non - LPG / Fire safety model)

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Product Description How to use

Polar Fresh Premium deodorant

1. There is no worry of LPG explosion because LPG is not contained at all and nitrogen gas is charged.

2. It is the product which received the non-dangerous goods judgment by the official agency dangerous goods property judgment test about the effective deodorization undiluted solution. (nonflammable)

3. Evenly sprayed tip is sprayed evenly to prevent odor from getting stuck in air conditioner and heater.

4. Green tea catechin containing deodorizing effect is enhanced.

5. With NutraTech's patented technology, the incense itself neutralizes various odors, fundamentally eliminates the odor and leaves a fragrant incense. (US Patent No. 5795566)
The Bulls' safe deodorization is produced and sold in compliance with the "Designation and Safety and Designation Criteria for Hazardous Products by the Law on Registration and Evaluation of Chemical Substances" announced by the Ministry of Environment.


How To Use

A. After the vehicle has been operated, turn off the vehicle with the vehicle circulator set to the open air condition, and then open all doors.
B. 1 ~ 2 seconds per ventilation (1 time use 1 ~ 2 seconds 4 ventilation uniform injection
C. Please allow at least 15 minutes of natural ventilation to ensure that the product has a sufficient deodorizing effect after using the product. (Do not board the vehicle during ventilation.)
D. Use cycle: Use once a week, open the car door for 15 minutes or more and let it ventilate naturally.