Bullsone RainOK Speed Spray 380ml

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RainOK Speed Spray acts as a rain repellent that is specially formulated to repel rain water from vehicle glass windows without the use of wipers. The main purpose, is to ensure driving visibility during any downpour or drizzle. 

Main Features

  • Creates a rain-repellent layer on windscreens, side, rear or wing mirrors.
  • Sprays product and rain drops will fly off glass, which restores driving visibility.
  • Sprays 3 seconds to create a fine rain-repellent layer to ensure clear night vision.
  • Rain drops fly off the windshield at a speed of 60 km/h or over, which allows drivers to forgo the use of the windshield wiper blades.
  • Lasts for up to 2 months.(varies on the amount of rain)

Driving visibilty is one of the most important aspect to a driver and the first 2 videos clearly show why we should use RainOK Speed spray.

1. Poor visibility will cause car accidents.

2. Poor visibility will cause inconvenience to pedestrians.

3. The next video shows how a rain repellent work under rainy conditions on the road. Focus on the effects on the rain after contact with the windscreen. It instantly repels away.  Do also take note that the wipers are switched off during the video. 

The Difference with and without RainOK Speed

Get your RainOK Speed Spray today! Avoid unnecessary road incidents!

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