Bullsone RainOK Anti Fog Tissue

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[Anti-fog Tissue Patent No. 263084]
* Clear your driving vision using Anti-fog tissue. Suitable for all glass sides of the car; Remove fog from forming on the glass of the car.
* Easy product usage.

Uses: Anti-fog agent(Cleaning agent for glass)
Ingredients: Purified water, ethanol, Superhydrophilic polymer
Standard usage: 1 piece

Product Features
• As a tissue-type product that is easily used in a steaming frosty state, the steaming is thoroughly removed at the same time
It prevents steaming and frost, ensuring a clean and clear driving view.
The effect lasts up to 10 days in the rainy season(relative humidity 85±7%), when fog occurs frequently.
※The duration may vary depending on the environment(application state, climate, season, number of operations, etc.).
* Glass cleaning function, no need to use glass cleaner separately.
Do not use front glass stunting film.
* When using the stunting film, try to use the upper end of the glass boundary area first and continue to use if there are no abnormalities in the stunting film.
※ Stunting film is a consumable product and may cause problems when used in some aging stunting film.

Order of Use.
1. Open the sticker on the back, pull out a piece of tissue and replace it with a clean side, while replacing the inner glass side.
2. Pre-wipe the water with a dry cloth or tissue, fold it in 1/4, and then press and wipe the entire area evenly.
3. Put out and use
4. Be sure to use stickers to prevent drying after use.

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