First Class Interior Upholstery Cleaner 300ml

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* Clean and easy removal of dirt and contamination of plastic, textile sheets, leather sheets, etc. inside the vehicle
* Prevention effect of re-contamination of worksite
* When used in the dashboard, the silicone component will not only shine but also the color of the dashboard itself
* 300ml compact size, easy to store after use is a small capacity
* Adds comfort to the interior of the vehicle by applying a subtle powdery fragrance

How to use
? Remove dust and dirt from the contaminated area and spray about 2 ~ 3 times at a distance of about 10 ~ 15cm (It is recommended to use immediately after stains or dirt)
• Clean the contaminated area thoroughly with a clean sponge or towel (if the contamination is severe, repeat the above procedure)
? After use, please let dry the wet area thoroughly by ventilation
? Use a sheet, mat, ceiling, or carpet of a special material in the invisible part first and then there is no abnormality

Expiration Date: 01/12/24 (DD/MM/YY)