Bullsone Carejam Leather Lotion

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  • Contains natural ingredients, such as Aloe and Lanolin, which prevent leather from cracking, aging or hardening.
  • Restores the leather’s original colour and maintains the unique texture of leather.
  • Added the fragrance from “Charabot”, the French perfumery neutralizes unpleasant smell.
  • Size: 300ml (10.14oz)



  1. Apply product onto leather surface with a sponge or superfiber cloth and clean gently.
  2. Before use, do allow to dry completely.
  3. When removing difficult stains, wipe repeatedly and gently.
  4. Inapplicable to other materials (suede, microfiber textile, cotton, mustang, etc. other than leather)
  5. Pre-test product and wait one day prior to use for surface acceptance