Bullsone Bullspower - Engine Coating Treatment

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Creates specially formulated coat with AOMC (Advanced Organic Molybdenum Compound) stays on exterior of vehicle engine by electronic interaction. This forms a protective film that results in protecting exterior from wear and tear when a dry & cold start, restoring fuel efficiency, reducing engine noses and extending engine life.

  • Prevents friction and restores smooth driving.
  • With its special bearing effect, Fullerene provides an exclusive protection against engine’s wear and tear.
  • Enhances reaction velocity of acceleration.
  • Reduces engine noises.
  • Restores fuel efficiency.
  • For the best maintenance, repeat treatment every 10,000km (6,000mile).
  • TUV Certified.


  • Sizes: 410㎖ (13.86oz)
  • Safely applicable to All types of Engines (Gasoline, Diesel, LPG)



  1. Pour product into the engine’s oil inlet for every 4-6L (135oz~203oz)
  2. Pour in product first before pouring in fresh oil during an oil change.
  3. Make sure the oil gauge shows that the oil level is below the ‘F’ lin before mixing product with your engine oil.
  4. Applicable to your existing engine oil, but it works best with fresh oil.
  5. Repeat treatment every 10,000km (6,000miles).