Bullsone Vogue Duo - Fresh Aqua 130g x 2pcs set (Eng-Esp)

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• Modern and Simple design - Economical Cup Holder Type Car Air Freshener. 

• Delivers delicate soothing scent for pleasant driving experience

• Fragrance is lasting for about 45 days each. * Lasting time may vary depending on temperature, humidity, size of using space and etc.

• Gel type, suitable for both home/ car - 2 pcs in a pack.


1. Open the cap, remove the sealing paper, and close the cap again.

2. Place it at the ideal place you want.


• Keep out of reach from children and pets. Item is not edible.

• Do not expose to direct sunlight or heat. (Caution: when placed on the dashboard, the item may melt due to the heat.)

• Do not use without the lid.

• Do not tilt or install the product upside down. If spilled, wipe it with a wet cloth immediately.

• May cause allergic reactions. If you have an allergic reaction, stop using it immediately.

• If you have swallowed the product, please rinse and wash your mouth and consult a medical professional immediately.

• If it gets into your eyes, rinse carefully with water for a few minutes and consult a medical professional if there's irritation.

• If it's on your skin, please rinse and wash with an amount of soap and water.

Expiry Date: 19/08/22 (DD/MM/YY)

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