Pola Family VOGUE CAFÉ MOCHA 130g(4.59oz) x 2EA

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Practical cup holder gel type fragrance
* Since it can be used for cup holders, there is no risk of sticking marks left in the car.
* You can feel the fragrance with a small space.
* Incense varies by season and environment, but lasts about 60 days.
Paula Family Vogue can be enjoyed in pitch, espresso and lavender scents.
The Pola Family Vogue of Bulls produces and sells in compliance with the "Designation, Safety and Labeling Standards for Hazardous Products by Law on Registration, Evaluation, etc. of Chemical Substances" notified by the Ministry of Environment.
Therefore, the Bullson Pola Family Sun Visor does not use any harmful substances prohibited by the relevant laws.
In addition, Bulls won various safety data from domestic and overseas test institutes to produce more rigorous products.