Bullsone Pola Family Sunvisor Shasha - Sweet Freesia

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Natural Essential Oil Base Car Perfume 4ml

 - Clip type Car Perfume
 - 100% pure natural Essential Oil made in Grasse,  
   France blended.
* Essential oil made by
   Internationally renowned Natural Essential Oil
   company "Charabot" in France
 - Clip to Sunvisor for improving utilization of interior
   space and does not affect to interior design of car
 - It doesn't not be influenced by air
   blowing(Airconditioner) so you can enjoy delicate
   and steady scent
 - Unique and sleek design harmonizes with interior
   of car.

 - Show and appeal your hidden sense
 - Frgrance molecule is being spread from top to down
   slowly so driver can feel the fresh fragrace upon
   opening car door
 - It is Easy clip type so you can clip it onto the Door
   pocket as well as Sunvisor

 - User can control the amount of scent diffusion

 - Fragrance membraine can be replaced