Bullsone Multi Purpose Lubricant 360ml

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  • Removes and prevents rust from reforming. Outstanding lubricity with 100% synthetic base oil & AOMC coat.
  • Odor Free.
  • Safe to use on painted plastic, rubber and metal surface.
  • 100% Synthetic oil base: A high-performance premium lubricant with no impurities removed through chemical processes and refining.
  • AOMC Coat: A low friction coat, formulated with the state of the art technology patented in the U.S. and Japan, forming a thin protective layer on metal surface to reduce friction and wear.
    • Sizes: 360㎖ (12.17oz)




    1. Shake well before use. Then, confirm the spraying direction and spray onto the desired spot.
    2. Do not wipe right after applying the product for better efficiency in the following areas: anti-rust, lubrication and permeating effects.