Bullsone Grasse L'esterel Bulgarian Rose 110ml (3.72oz)

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The history of Grasse l'Esterel (France)

The story of l'Esterel begins 500 years ago in a small French village called Grasse. As the craze for leather products swept over 16th century Europe, leather gloves, bags, and clothes became very popular. However, people were often bothered by the distinct odor of their leather products, only except for one artisan's leather products spreading a pleasant, subtle scent. Its secret was the lavender and rose from the l'EsterelMountains! She purchased an old distiller and applied oil that had been extracted from the wild lavender in the l'EsterelMountains. These fragrant leather products immediately captivated the aristocracy, which was the key that saw the "Grasse region reborn as a haven for perfumeries. 

l'Esterel Car Perfumes contain the scent of lavender and rose from the l'EsterelMountain. The traditions of Grasse, the paradise of perfumes, will continue on.

  • Premium air freshener, with class and quality, inherited the long-standing tradition of the Grasse, the paradise of French perfumes
  • Contains 100% pure natural essential oils made in Grasse, France blended
  • The internationally renowned natural essential oil company "Charabot" in France (Certificate issued by Charabot provided in the product box
  • Provides drivers with a deep subtle scent for a pleasant driving experience
  • The graceful design makes the product a splendid accessory for any car