FIRSTCLASS Scratch Remover (Step 1) + Finish Polish (Step 3)

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Product Description How to use
Glue removal and gloss reproduction
* A kit type product that combines a conventional tube product with a tubular coating, which requires repair and maintenance.
It is a kit product that can remove the scratch on the painted surface and reproduce the gloss.
* It can be stored for a long time because it is semi-solid liquid type tube product, and it is convenient to use.
* After removing scratches and scratches on the car body, the included coating restores the gloss of the vehicle paint.
In addition, it prevents oxidation of painted surface of car body from various acid pollutants, shields ultraviolet rays and prevents re-contamination of painting surface.

1. Before use, clean the car body by car wash.
2. Rub the contaminated area using the compound according to the instructions.
3. Wipe off any contaminants that have been removed with a soft cloth.
4. Use the following coating wax to restore the gloss of the construction surface.