FIRSTCLASS Superfine Cloth for Glass Towel STEP 2 (40cm x 50cm)

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With soft microfiber fabric, Bullsone Glass towel has an excellent absorbency and wipeability - 30% larger than the existing size(area standard)!

SIZEUP: 65cm
Specifications: 40 cm x 65 cm(±2 cm) | 82.5% polyester, 17.5% nylon%
Uses: For glass surface during car wash
Standard usage: 1 sheet

Product Features
* Excellent absorbency and wipe, convenient for glass cleaning.
* Minimizes the occurrence of wipe marks on the glass.
* Easy to clean, fast to dry, hygienic to use.
* Meticulous finish minimizes scratches on the vehicle.
* It is recommended to use with Bulls One car wash products

* Do not use other than use.
•If foreign objects such as soil or sand are buried during use, remove and use immediately because there is a risk of body scratches.
* Avoid boiling or high temperature washing above 40 °C and wash only with neutral detergent.
* If the fabric is not sufficiently washed when steamed or wax is wiped, it may cause stains when used next time.
•In wet conditions, there is a possibility of otitis, so be sure to store it in dry conditions.
•Please note that the color of the product is likely to be otitis on bright car seats, interior materials, furniture, and fabrics.


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