Bullsone First Class Bug Cleaner 550ml (18.6oz)

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Product benefits:

1)    Perfectly clean bug stains that are hard to remove with Proteolytic enzyme.

2)    Cleans Surface up without damage.

Purpose to use : Removing bug and stain .

How to use.


1)    Turn on the spay nozel to “ON”

2)    Spray to contaminated part and wait 30 seconds,

Then wipe with Clean towel.

3)    If the contaminants are left for a long time and are not cleaned well, Repeat the above steps.

4)    If the contaminated area is hot, stain may occur when using the product, so please use the water for cooling contaminated area first.

5)    In the case of repainted vehicles, if there is no abnormality after using for some contaminated parts, we are recommended to use wax for surface protection after removing the contaminated area.