Bullsone Crystal Bubble Car Shampoo

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Do as well as wash your bucket and wash your snow foam with a foam gun.
Crystal Bubble Wash Shampoo is a neutral car shampoo developed as a non-ionic surfactant. It has excellent bubble power and minimizes scratching on the surface.
It is also a car shampoo that can wash foam foam as well as bucket wash, foam foam.
[Benefits of Crystal Bubble Wash Shampoo]
1. Excellent bubble power as well as bucket wash, foam can be used
Bucket wash - Thoroughly dilute the bubble wash shampoo 15ml (1/2 cup of measuring cup) in 3L of water (80 buckets in total)
Use the lid of the product as a measuring cup (30ML).
2. Minimization of paint surface damage by non-ionic surfactant and pH neutral
Anionic surfactant ABS is a cause of water pollution and has a discharge standard of wastewater. Ingredients that limit the use of car washing in environmental problems. Comparison with competitive products Crystal bubble wash Shampoo only No anionic surfactant.
3. Smooth surface finish of glass-based polymer minimizes scratches
4. Safe to paint, rubber, glass, plastic and wax
5. Refreshing fragrance is applied to refresh your mood
6. It is very economical as a highly concentrated (1: 200) product that can make 240L of wash solution in a single product.