Bullsone Antifreeze Coolant 3,000ml

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  • For all makes and models, Extended life, Guaranteed up to 40,000km (25,000 miles)
  • Products coolant system metals including heat-rejecting aluminum against pitting caused by cavitation and corrosion. (Aluminum compatible)
  • Provides carefully balanced protection against water freezing(-37°C) and summer boilover.
  • All year round. Supplemental.
  • Size: 3 Litres



  1. Never use 100% coolant in concentrated form.
  2. With engine cold, remove pressure cap.
  3. A 50% dilution with distilled water is generally recommended for the best balance of protection against freezing, corrosion and summer boil over. For increased freeze protection in extremely cold areas, a 60% volume concentration can be used. However, concentrations of greater than 70% by volume are not recommended
  4. Replace cap securely.