BalanceOn Balance Seat - Lumbar Cushion

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More Comport, More Perfect,

By correcting user’s sitting posture, it improves concentration of students and work efficiency of office workers.

“1 out of 7 people suffers ‘Lumbar disc disease’” “Patients rate was increasing by 7.6% for 4 years” - A result of Big data analysis of Seoul Nat’l Univ. Hospital 

“Lumbar disc disease” is fatalistic to the modern people !
Wrong posture causes decreasing concentration(busy brain), chronic fatigue as well as neck and back pains

Pleasant sitting by the Air-Pumping effect By Air-Pumping effect which reacts to minute movement while sitting, it maximizes the air permeability and provides comfortable sitting through dispersing the pressure at the Lumbar

Ergonomic design to fit a body Based on the test result and consultation by KRISS (Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science), the most ideal design of BalanceOn Lumbar Supporter Cushion was created.