Bullsone Artificial Leather Wax Tissue

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* Excellent cleaning power, easy polish
Soft gloss, leather protection
Prevents aging and prevents re-contamination
Color Restoration

Uses: Cleaning and polishing of automotive interior/exterior materials
Specifications: 10 sheets
Ingredients: Silicone oils, surfactants, preservatives, etc.
Standard usage: 1 piece

I Product Features
* Rezawakstiche simply wipes the interior of the body to achieve cleaning and polishing of the interior of the body
As a product, it is easy to work with compared to ordinary reza wax, making it easy to work with the gloss of dashboard and interior materials
It is suitable for consumers who want to clean.
* Premium-grade tissue-type product using high-grade material fabric with excellent cleaning power and easy gloss
It can be put out and is excellent in finishing after washing.
* Dust and other contaminants such as artificial leather, dashboard, and other interior agents in the interior of the car and electronics in the home
It removes, restores its unique color, prevents aging, and prevents re-contamination.

* Do not use on natural leather. (Artificial leather is available)
• Please be careful when using, as stains may occur when applying to the glass surface.

Order of Use
1, Open the sticker on the back and take a piece of tissue
2. After plucking, fold in 1/4, and then by hand
3. Press and wipe. If you have a slight stain after using the entire vehicle while replacing it with a clean surface wipe.
4. Wipe lightly with a dry cloth.

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