Bullsone RainOK Ethanol 3 in 1 Coating Washer 1800ml (60.87oz)

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RainOK ethanol 3in1 coated washer
Vegetable fermentation ethanol
Clean, polish, water repellent coating at once
Methanol / anionic surfactant / no preservatives added!

Usage Automotive window glass Cleaning liquid size 1,800ml Component Surfactant (fatty acid (non-ion)), ethanol, incense etc.
Product Description How to use
[How to use]

(Caution) Mixing with normal washer may cause deterioration of performance. Please replace with original product after using all existing washer.

1. Press the lid and turn it counterclockwise to open it.
2. When you open the bonnet, there is a washer fluid inlet.
3. Open the inlet and inject the washer fluid (do not mix it with other washer fluids)
[Instructions for use]


● For some Volkswagen and Audi models, the warning light may be lit after the washer replacement. This sensor can not recognize this product which is nonconductive due to the use of purified water and nonconductive material, so do not worry about sensor failure or washers.