Bullsone Saladdin Car Fumigation Deodorizer Forest for Interior 165g

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Inside the vehicle, picking up the smell of the room Fumigation can
* Once used, the effect lasts for 2 ~ 3 months
* Fine smoke particles penetrate every corner of the car to remove various odors in the car
Bull's saladin deodorization fumigation cans are manufactured and sold in compliance with the "Designation, Safety, and Labeling Standards for Hazardous Products by Law on Registration and Evaluation of Chemical Substances," notified by the Ministry of Environment.
Therefore, the Bulls' Saladin deodorization fumigation cans do not use any harmful substances prohibited by the relevant laws.
In addition, Bulls won various safety data from domestic and overseas test institutes to produce more rigorous products.

Product Description How to use

1. With the vehicle turned off, remove the plastic case and top film and place them in the center of the rear seat pedestal in the vehicle. (At this time, be careful not to lose the sticker on the top of the can.)
2. Pull the water bottle top stopper into the space between the plastic container and the inner can, and close all doors.
3. As the smoke is filled in the car, the room's antibacterial, deodorizing, and direction will proceed.
4. Please open all doors of the vehicle and ventilate for at least 10 minutes.